We are Bee Recoverers, not exterminators. At Fragrant Forest Farms we always ‘hive’ the honeybees and bring them back safely to our bee sanctuary which is currently home to over 140,000 honeybees. 

Bee Removal From Homes

Removing bees from a home or structure can be a tricky process. It often requires a ‘cutout’ to expose the full extent of the hive. Call Fragrant Forest Farms if you have discovered that honey bees have built a hive within your structure. We have the equipment to get the job done and we will make sure the bees are safely transferred to our bee sanctuary.

Swarm Capture (Free Service)

Swarm removal consists of clusters of honeybees being removed from trees, mailboxes, water meters etc.. If you have discovered a cluster that needs to be removed contact us. We will safely remove the bees and introduce them to a hive on our farm.

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