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Lotion Bars

Lotion is meant to make your skin soft. But with our all natural lotion bars we take it a step further and infuse our lotion with beeswax cut straight out of our bee hives. If you didn’t know beeswax on your skin works wonders. It protects, softens, and moisturizes. It helps attract moisture to your skin and is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Our lotion is packed with benefits because of our beeswax.


1 review for Lotion Bars

  1. Amanda

    As I have mentioned I have extremely dry skin due to my T2 diabetes. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first Lotion testers. My feet were horrible. Cracked and peeling. I used the lotion and within 2 applications I could tell a major difference. I now get compliments when I get pedicures. I have been told more than once that I have Amazing feet for a diabetic. And it is all thanks to Fragrant Forest Farms and all of the fantastic natural products.

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