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Gift Baskets For All Occasions

A basket full of tasty and healthy goodness! Our gift baskets come packed with all our goodies. Honey, lotion, bath bomb, bath melt, and candle melts! All of this wrapped up in a beautiful basket. This is a perfect gift for family and friends for any occasion. Small Baskets come with 8oz honey,Lotion Sick, Bath Bomb, 2 Honey Sticks, One small Sucker, Lavender Candle melts pk of 3. Large Baskets come with 16oz Honey, Lotion Stick, Bath Bomb, Bath Melt, candle melt 6 pk. 5 honey sticks, 2 Large suckers, and lip balm.


3 reviews for Gift Baskets For All Occasions

  1. Amanda

    My husband buys me a Christmas basket every year. They are beautifully packaged and come with some of her Amazing products.

  2. Octavia

    Such a great gift for family and friends; they come with lots of great goodies that are super useful too! I bought one for my boyfriends Grandmother as a Christmas gift and she absolutely loved all her awesome things that came in it, her favorite though was the candle!

  3. Travis Wyman (verified owner)

    My daughter just turned 14, and she loves the gift basket that was put together so beautifully and filled with lots of super awesome goodies from the Farm!! Thank y’all for a helping with a smiling birthday girl!!

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