Fragrant Forest Farms began in 2017 with one small behive on the farm. Carol, afraid of bees at the time, suited up to help work the bees. She became infatuated with the process and immediately fell in love with bee keeping. Soon after she became a bee keeper and quickly grew the bees from one hive to five in the first year. Today Fragrant Forest Farms has become a thriving bee sactuary of over 140,000 bees and spread across 16 beehives.  

Carol Jones

Carol Jones is the owner and operator of FFF. She is a board member of NEOBA (Northeastern State Bee Association) and is the editor for their monthly newsletter. She has degrees in teaching, cosmetology, and is a registered medical assistant, but her passion lies in beekeeping so she does this full time. In 2017, Carol’s husband Albert Jones, showed her the beehive on their farm and Carol got her first taste of honey straight from the hive and she decided right there that everyone should taste honey like this. After working hard to become a full fledged bee keeper, she quickly started adding hives to the apiary and began producing all natural products from the hives. The rest is history. 

Albert Jones

Albert Jones is the Mayor of Wagoner, but when it comes to beekeeping at Fragrant Forest Farms. He keeps all the data organized for the business. After introducing Carol to her first taste of honey and showing her how to work her first bee hive he has been hard at work keeping their thriving honey bee business well organized. Watching this passion for bee keeping develop in his Wife Carol has been a joy for him and he hopes for the business to continue to grow so they can keep supplying that golden honey to happy customers.

Rowdy Honeycutt

Rowdy is the resident bee keeper. And he is at home outdoors. Hunting, fishing, foraging, gardening, you name it. If it’s outdoors he’s a natural. So beekeeping naturally became something he got excited about. “As a child when I would go for car rides with my grandmother on the dirt roads. I loved looking out at all the fields of produce made by our farmers. I knew back then that some day this would be my path in life”.

Savannah Wilson

Savannah is the eldest daughter. She spends the majority of her time delivering the honey products to the farmers markets. Connecting with the people at the markets is what makes her tick. She loves to talk about the benefits of the different honey bee products and how to use them. “It’s really cool to be able to have that dynamic with our customers because they’re the ones that are keeping us going. It’s also really awesome to be able to educate them about honey products, because not a lot of people know some of the facts about bees and how these products can help with allergies and they are antibacterial.”

Serenity Williams

Serenity is the youngest of the family. Serenity hopes to raise her daughter up to be a beekeeper and continue the family business. Serenity helps with planting the flowers, planting vegetables, and whatever else is needed to help the bees thrive and to keep the business going. For two years Serenity has been learning what it means to care for honeybees and run a family business and hopes for many more years to come. “It’s so much fun and there is so much to learn”

Wynter McInroy

Wynter is the Daughter to Serenity Williams and Grand Daughter to Carol Jones, she is cute as can bee, and is aspiring to become the next beekeeper. Wynter loves helping out around the bee farm. But mostly she loves eating all the honey.